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The Five Spookiest OKC Ghost Stories

As the newest and best-maintained apartments in Moore Oklahoma, there’s nothing scary about living at 35West. But up the road in the historic haunts of Oklahoma City, a few spooky tales have lived on through the years. As a Halloween treat, we’ve picked our favorite haunted landmarks from Slice Magazine’s recent story, Spooky Spots for OKC’s Local Haunts.

Downtown’s majestic Skrivin Hotel is the first haunted destination. Guests say they hear doors slamming in the middle of the night and an unseen baby crying in empty rooms. A few even claim to have seen a ghostly woman appear.

A few miles away, former Oklahoma Governor William “Alfalfa Bill” Murray is said to haunt the Governor’s Mansion. Murray, who famously grew crops and raised sheep on the Capitol grounds during the depression, is said to haunt the stairs leading up to the second floor, causing people to stumble as they pass.

And what list of ghost stories would be complete without a witch? The Kitchen Lake Witch supposedly haunts the remains of an old house near the lake. The house allegedly burned down with the witch inside. Today, some report seeing smoke from house’s chimney. Upon investigating, others have heard footsteps and felt scratches. Worst of all, cars notoriously won’t start near the house!

We hope you scare up plenty of fun this October. Have a safe and happy Halloween from everyone at 35 West!